Monday, April 12, 2010

Stop by the next Pop-Up General Store on Tuesday, April 13th from 5-7 pm!

We are located at 4629 MLK Jr. Way in Oakland (on the corner of 47th and MLK).

We can't wait to share what we've been cooking up with you!

green string farm

e.b.c.b. sweets

fig and miel

samin's bronze-cut pasta

blue chair fruit

goulash's sweets

goulash's famous english muffins


  1. Hey, I didn't find this in time to place an order, but if I show up, will I still be able to purchase items?

  2. Hi Leena,

    Absolutely! Many of our items aren't available for preorder, and we'll have extras of almost all of the other stuff as well! We'll be here from 5-7pm. Hope to see you!