Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soul Food Farm Chicken Confit

Have you seen this sweet article in San Francisco Magazine about Soul Food Farm's chicken confit? If not, take a moment to check it out.

Here's some info from the Soul Food Farm website about how to use chicken confit:

Chicken confit

How do I heat up the chicken confit?
We recommend you warm up in the oven (some people use microwave) skin side up, approximately 10 to 5 min at 400 degrees or until warm through. Since they are cooked you could also serve them at room temperature.

What do I do with chicken confit?
As Mark Bittman said in his New York Times
Bitten blog, chicken confit can serve as "a simple, no-fuss main course that can be crisped up in about 15 minutes. The chicken is good whole or shredded over a bed of lightly dressed greens. Another option is to shred it into a pot of beans with the garlic and some of the olive oil. Or you could go all out and integrate it into a cassoulet."

How long can I store the chicken confit?
12 weeks refrigerated, 2 years if frozen and seal is not broken.

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